Traffic Monitoring & Logging

Providing real time network monitoring, enables the network administrators to take timely action against specific activities and events. The user friendly controls allow the administrator to view information is easy to read formats.

§  Log Analysis Report

§   Provides the network administrator the ability to log detailed activities of users.

§   Provides analysis of logs and helps the administrator set optimal management policies.

§   Provides summary reports.

§   Provides web/application access analysis.

§   Provides web/application category analysis based on web/application DB.

§   Provides web site access statistics.

§   Provides application usage statistics.

§   Provides log analysis report in web/excel format

Traffic Control

The new generation of security products, provides a web filtering solutions that address the needs of today’s dynamic Web environment, while helping you control outbound web access and protect users against web-based threats. Also offers a web logging analysis and abnormal traffic detection details reports that help the administrator to recognize potential harmful attacks and illegal Internet access. The administrator can then implement plans of action to prevent costly and irreversible damage.

There is the moral obligation to prevent the spread of child sexual abuse images and videos by governments. Moreover you may need to filter other objectionable contents such as adult, gambling, phishing, SNS, anti-government, and religion.

Web Traffic Control

Many enterprises or ISPs control their network with Firewall, which does not restrict traffic using port 80. Various types of traffic such as P2P and instant messaging can pass through port 80, evading Firewall. The Next generation traffic control provides:

§  URL Filtering

§  Proxy Detour Blocking

§  ACL Control by Time and User Group

§  Web Mail Filtering

§  Web Mail File Attachment Control

§  Web Access and Filtered Log and Search

P2P Traffic Control

There are various P2P applications such as web folder accessing using random port numbers. Identifies and controls all such traffic using L7 analysis provides:

§  P2P Application Blocking: For example, eDonkey, Bit Torrent, Winny, Gnutella, etc.

§  Web Folder File Transfer Blocking

§  Inbound/Outbound Traffic Bandwidth Control

§  Random Port Protocol Blocking

§  Application Access and Filtered Logging and Search

Instant Messenger Control

Although corporations may have strict guidelines for instant messaging usage, there is still the threat of proprietary information from being leaked out. Provides:

§  File Upload/Download Control

§  File Transfer Logging

§  Detour Connection Blocking (Proxy)

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