NGT Technology offers its next generation security solutions to ensure that your company information and data are secure from any threat or intrusions enabling you to focus on your core business. 

With our understanding, the security threats are always evolving in type, complexity, threat and number, we developed and employed the best solution always. In line with the spiraling levels of security threats, companies always understand the actual need stands behind evolving their protection policies, and systems. A firewall, an intrusion detection system, a mail security gateway, and other security devices are a definite need for your protection, but are these enough??

Security devices are only as good as they are configured - to enforce company’s security policy. Do you have a security policy?   

Are you continuously revising and evolving your security policy?    

Is your staffs trained on responding to security threats?   

Have your security policies and products been tested?

We can help you to find the best answers for these questions and more. Our specialist team of security consultants is backed up by a strong products portfolio and an outstanding integration experience will cover many Information Security solutions include:


•             Antivirus & Anti Spam Systems.

•             Managed IT Security Solutions

•             Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems

•             Next Generation Firewalls

•             Network Access Control AAA

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