Peplink B One

Impressive Capability with Incredible Value

Experience the next evolution in networking with Peplink B One, a versatile and feature-packed solution designed to elevate connectivity for businesses and home users. Combining the best features of Peplink’s renowned Surf SOHO and Balance 20 devices, B One offers enhanced speeds, Wi-Fi performance, and enterprise-grade features without compromise.

Enhanced Speeds & Wi-Fi

Built on enterprise-grade hardware, Peplink B One delivers improved speeds and Wi-Fi performance, ensuring seamless connectivity for all your devices.

Enterprise Software Features

Unlock advanced networking capabilities with B One’s enterprise software features, including VLAN support, multiple SSIDs, and a built-in WLAN controller for enhanced network management.

Robust & Reliable Connectivity

Enjoy robust and reliable connectivity with Peplink B One, providing seamless failover and continuous access to critical applications and services.

Seamless Integration with Starlink

Designed for seamless integration with Starlink, B One allows you to bond multiple Starlink connections together, load balance with other internet services, and optimize your network for maximum performance.

Peplink App Integration

Take advantage of Peplink App integration with a valid PrimeCare subscription, enabling easy access to SpeedFusion features without the need for advanced network setup.

Key Benefits

  • Dual WAN architecture ensures continuous connectivity, even when one internet line goes down.
  • SpeedFusion technology seamlessly bonds multiple internet connections into one more reliable feed, ensuring consistent performance and uptime.
  • In conclusion,Peplink B One redefines connectivity with its impressive capability and value. NGT Technology, as a Peplink certified platinum partner, is proud to offer Peplink B One as part of our comprehensive connectivity solutions. With its exceptional performance and feature-rich design, B One is poised to transform the way businesses and individuals connect. Contact us today to learn more about how Peplink B One can enhance your networking experience.