Peplink HD2-HD4 MBX

Multi-Cellular Gigabit LTE Mobile Powerhouse

Discover the Peplink HD2/HDX MBX, a game-changing multi-cellular gigabit LTE mobile powerhouse engineered to redefine on-the-go connectivity. This innovative solution seamlessly combines the bandwidth of multiple cellular links to establish an unbreakable, high-speed SD-WAN connection, catering to the evolving needs of mobile deployments.

Robust Design for Versatile Deployments

Engineered for durability, the HD2/HDX MBX features a fanless design and a robust metal enclosure, ensuring its suitability for deployment in environments with high particle levels. With 8×802.3at PoE outputs, it offers power for IP phones, cameras, and access points, providing unmatched versatility across diverse deployment scenarios.

Enhanced Speed and Reliability with SpeedFusion™

Maximize speed and reliability with SpeedFusion™ technology, empowering users to combine multiple connections for ultra-fast data links. Features like Hot Failover and WAN smoothing ensure uninterrupted VoIP sessions and jitter-free data streams, even in challenging network conditions.The Peplink HD2/HDX MBX represents a paradigm shift in mobile connectivity, offering unmatched performance, resilience, and future-ready capabilities. Whether deployed in remote areas, on vehicles, or in emergency response scenarios, the HD2/HDX MBX delivers seamless connectivity to keep businesses connected and operations running smoothly.

At NGT Technology, we’re proud to offer the Peplink HD2/HDX MBX as part of our comprehensive connectivity solutions. With its unmatched performance, robust design, and future-proof capabilities, the HD2/HDX MBX is the ultimate choice for businesses seeking reliable connectivity on the go. Contact us today to learn more about how the HD2/HDX MBX can transform your mobile deployments.