End-To-End IT Solutions

As Your Digital Transformation Partner

We are offering you the most suitable solutions that fit your requirements & budget without compromising your digital transformation roadmap and duplicate any of its phases. Our solutions build with consideration of crucial perspectives:

How can we help your business?


We provide network and data center solutions, SD-WAN connectivity, compute & storage.

Cloud & SaaS

We offer Cloud computing services include services such as IaaS and SaaS, as well as workspaces.

Unified Comm

Telephony, Collaboration, Contact Center,Audio & Video are some of the technology we handle

IT Security

Data Backup, Identity Management, Email Protection & Security comprise IT Infrastructure.

Managing cyber protection in a constantly evolving threat landscape is a challenge. Safeguard your data from any threat with Acronis Cyber Protect – the only cyber protection solution that natively integrates data protection and cybersecurity.

We At NGT Help You To

Improve Your Security

Endpoint & Email Security

Apply multiple layers of protection across endpoint, email, web, and software as a service (SaaS) applications to defend your users regardless of device, application, network, or location..

Advanced Threat Protection

Unifying Network with Endpoint and other security platforms creates an Active XDR platform that helps organizations detect sooner, respond faster, and recover easier after the attack.

Network Defense

Detect and stop data theft, determine attack TTPs, perform retrospective analysis, and achieve proactive network security that keeps you a step ahead of adversaries.

Data Protection

Offering fast, reliable recovery, agile cloud backup, and cost-effective data archiving that will be necessary to protect your data from ransomware or any systems/hardware failures.

Vulnerability Assessment and Patch Management

Vulnerability assessment and patch management are important parts of a proactive, multilayered cyber protection strategy. it can function as a separate product, or as a part of a larger cybersecurity suite, aimed at managing multiple software patches and keeping your infrastructure up-to-date and protected from threats.

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We are ready to help to get a better insight and evaluate your security measures and draw the right action plan to enhance it.

We At NGT Help You To

Build Your Suitable IT Infrastructure

Address Today’s Challenges and Build Your Infrastructure That Make You Ready For Tomorrow Workload. With us you have the access to the next-gen technologies and expertise that you need to implement your secure and reliable digital infrastructure

Internet Management

Virtualizing your business network and moving data, applications, and security into the cloud can dramatically reduce operational costs

Computing & Storage

We offer our customers the best solution, regardless of whether they require bare metal servers or virtualized environments.

IP Surveillance

We tailor a solution that suits your requirements at a reasonable budget using IP surveillance and access control.

Network Infrastructure

For managing and protecting complex networks, we provide hardware, software, consulting, and managed network services.

Managed Wi-Fi

Offering indoor and outdoor secure wireless LAN to fit any budget, performance requirement or deployment scenario.


Experience agility, scalability, and enhanced performance with SD-WAN. Simplify network management and embrace the future of connectivity.

We Offer

Unified Communication

IT and communications solutions, relying on a wide range of technology partners covering information gathering solution design implementation and operation in addition to professional managed services 
IP Telephony

Our expertise in IP Telephony and well-trained employees make NGT Tech an ideal partner for any business looking to capitalize on IP Telephony. Using IP Telephony, you can increase communication and collaboration for your business.

Contact Center

In order to provide more engaging customer experience, contact center solutions provide users with number of channels, teams, and processes that their customers can access to interact with them.


We believe that today's individuals work across large geographies with an almost endless range of devices that are running multiple operating systems, software versions and applications on a seemingly endless number of platforms.

Audio & Video

We provide secure and enterprise solutions with the best support and products in the industry. Above all, we provide tangible solutions across video conferencing and audio visual solutions

Streamline operations, enhance scalability, and drive innovation with our cutting-edge cloud solutions. Experience the freedom, flexibility, and efficiency that cloud technology and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offer for your business success.

Cloud and SaaS

Transform Your Business:
Embrace the Power of Cloud and SaaS

Cloud Migration​

Helping you to migrate your workloads to the cloud and assure reliable on-premises server-to-cloud or cloud-to-cloud migration process, will lead to increase the scalability, flexibility of your setup, and decrease your cost comparing to the legacy on-premises infrastructure.


Harness the power of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth. Enjoy hassle-free software access, automatic updates, and scalability tailored to your needs. Experience the freedom to focus on your core business while SaaS takes care of your software needs. Say goodbye to legacy software's and embrace the agility and convenience of SaaS for your business's success.


Unlock the full potential of your team. Experience a seamless, integrated workspace that enhances productivity, collaboration, and creativity. With powerful tools for communication, document management, and teamwork, our services empower your organization to work smarter, securely and efficiently. Achieve more with us as your trusted digital companion.