Peplink Balance 20X

Multi-WAN router with groundbreaking price-performance

Peplink Balance 20X, is a next-generation dual WAN router built for small offices, home offices (SOHO), and small businesses. This router is designed to provide seamless connectivity and outstanding performance, making it a standout choice for modern workplaces.


Futureproof Gigabit Dual WAN Router

The Balance 20X is engineered to meet the evolving demands of modern businesses. Equipped with an embedded cellular modem, it delivers exceptional routing throughput, ensuring reliable connectivity in any scenario.


FlexModule Mini: Ready for Upgrades

The Balance 20X features a FlexModule Mini slot that accepts various WAN technologies, ensuring it’s ready for future upgrades. Whether you need cellular backup or Wi-Fi mesh support, this router can adapt to your changing connectivity needs

Enhanced Security Features

Security is a top priority in today’s digital landscape. The Balance 20X comes equipped with comprehensive security features, including threat mitigation and FirstNet readiness, to ensure the safety and integrity of your network.

Seamless Network Management

With the SpeedFusion Connect App, managing your network is easier than ever. Gain real-time insights and control over your network, optimizing performance and reliability with intuitive controls.

Get it all with PrimeCare

PrimeCare offers complete services to keep your network robust and resilient. PrimeCare provides everything you need to succeed in today’s digital world, from unbreakable connectivity to scalable solutions.

In conclusion, the Peplink Balance 20X is more than just a router – it’s a solution designed to meet the connectivity needs of modern businesses. With its outstanding performance, future-proof design, and comprehensive feature set, the Balance 20X is the perfect choice to take your network to the next level.