Peplink Synergy Mode

Peplink’s Synergy Mode simplifies network management by integrating multiple devices into a single, centrally managed system. This capability, introduced in Firmware 8.3.0, allows users to cascade multiple routers and combine their WAN connections into one single unit. At NGT Technology, we’re proud to be a platinum partner of Peplink, bringing top-notch networking solutions to our clients. We’re dedicated to excellence and offer technology like Peplink’s Synergy Mode, intended to streamline and enhance network administration for companies of all kinds.

What is Synergy Mode?

This is accomplished through two key components:

  • Synergy Controller (SC): The main router that oversees and manages all connected Synergized Devices. It aggregates their WAN interfaces—including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular—into one unified system.
  • Synergized Device (SD): Once linked to the Synergy Controller, these devices function as modems or client devices. All their configuration and management are handled by the Synergy Controller.

How Does Synergy Mode Work?

To set up Synergy Mode, you need one Peplink router with an active Care Plan to act as the Synergy Controller. This primary router connects to other Peplink routers, known as Synergized Devices, via a Synergy Link. This link transmits both control and data information. The first Synergized Device can connect without a Care Plan, but any additional devices will require one.

When a Synergized Device is connected, it no longer requires individual management. All settings and controls are centralized through the Synergy Controller, which displays and manages all WAN interfaces from the connected devices. This consolidation simplifies network management and expands connectivity options

Supported Devices

Synergy Mode is compatible with several Peplink models:

  • Synergized Devices: Balance Series, MAX Series, UBR Series, B One Series.
  • Synergy Controller: X Series, Balance Series, MAX Series, UBR Series (specifically UBR Plus), B One Series.

Peplink’s Synergy Mode offers a smart, efficient way to manage complex network environments by consolidating multiple devices into a single, centralized system. Whether you need to enhance WAN capacity, streamline management, or improve connectivity options, Synergy Mode provides a versatile solution to meet modern networking needs.

At NGT Technology, we are dedicated to providing top-tier networking solutions at all times. As a platinum partner of Peplink, we bring advanced technologies like Synergy Mode to our clients, ensuring they have the best tools available for efficient and effective network management. With NGT Technology, you can rest assured that your network is in the hands of experts who are committed to your success.

Benefits of Synergy Mode

Synergy Mode offers several advantages, including:

  • Increased WAN Capacity: By combining the WAN connections of multiple devices, you can surpass the limitations of individual routers.
  • Centralized Management: Manage all WAN interfaces from various devices through a single Synergy Controller, making network operations more efficient.
  • Enhanced Connectivity Options: Use different types of WAN connections, such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and Cellular, to ensure robust and reliable network performance.

Frequently Asked

The Synergy Controller requires an active Care Plan. The first Synergized Device can connect without a Care Plan, but any additional devices will need active plans.
If the Care Plan expires, the Synergy Link will be disabled. You will need to renew the Care Plan to restore the connection.

There is no fixed limit. The number of Synergized Devices you can connect depends on the available WAN ports on the Synergy Controller.

Yes, starting from Firmware 8.4.0, VLAN WAN can be selected as a Synergy Controller WAN connection, in addition to physical WAN.