Find the solution that just fits your needs with Peplink!

As a Peplink Platinum Partner in Middle East, we the NGT team in Dubai – UAE and in collaboration with Peplink HQ, have been delivering the best SDWAN solutions to businesses of all sizes and needs for over a decade.

Recognizing the crucial significance of reliable and secure connectivity, we invite you to explore our carefully curated selection of Peplink solutions, tailored to empower your business.

Peplink's Product Synergy

Discover Peplink’s versatile lineup, from enterprise-grade internet load balancing to adaptable SD-WAN solutions, all with intuitive interfaces. Featuring compact branch routers, modular enterprise units, enterprise mobile routers, outdoor-rated multi-cellular routers, and antennas certified for diverse needs, including maritime and critical communication applications.

Peplink Products

Peplink delivers top-tier performance edge-routers for businesses of all sizes, featuring specialized SD-WAN, enterprise-grade inbound load balancing, and patented VPN bonding / SpeedFusion. With advanced load balancing algorithms, bonding technology & numerous robust features, Peplink products can be seamlessly managed through the centralized InControl2 cloud platform.

Peplink Security

Peplink’s technology establishes a multi-layered defense system against intrusions across client, router, SD-WAN, cloud, and administrative layers. Defenses include web blocking, scalable firewall, DPI application filtering, intrusion detection, and DoS protection. SpeedFusion & FusionHub ensure data security across WAN links, while standards compliance and easy reporting mechanisms enhance overall network security.

Peplink Technology

Peplink’s technology encompasses specialized WAN/Internet load balancing with its sophisticated 8 algorithms, patented VPN SpeedFusion for robust SD-WAN capabilities, and Multi 4G/5G Cellular bonding supporting up to 18 connections per single router. Their InControl2 cloud platform facilitates seamless zero-touch provisioning and centralized management for efficient network operations.